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Baby Gots Venom

Band : Toussaint Morrison
Title : Baby Gots Venom
Release Date : February 24, 2017

Toussaint Morrison wrote the 1st verse for Baby Gots Venom in winter of 2014 and then, being the well-practiced self-saboteur he is, he stopped writing out of fear. Getting around to the spirit of Lesser Restoration, his soon-to-be-released debut album, Morrison befriends all his ghosts whether they be welcoming or not. Baby Gots Venom is no exception, and although it has disguised itself in the stripped down niceties of guitar, hand claps, and Morrison palming a plastic lid as a kick drum, listen closely and you’ll hear the new single for what it truly is: a neurotic dance on a one-way cyclical track. Whether the choreographed steps are cycling upwards or downwards, we’ll leave that to your own assessment.

Produced by Toussaint’s former bandmate from The Blend, Edward Folly on guitar, and his Phantom Menace, Dr. Wylie on everything else, Baby Gots Venom puts forth the best of Morrison in an unholy cabal of rap & soul shouting. Coming around to finish writing the song over 2 years later, it would be the highest deception to say this tune is “fresh”. Instead, it would be more appropriate to market this as “barrel-aged”.

Produced Dr. Wylie & Edward Folly

Mixed by Dr. Wylie

Vocals & Lyrics by Toussaint Morrison

Mastered by Bruce Templeton