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Last Day of School

Band : Toussaint Morrison
Title : Last Day of School
Release Date : April 7, 2017

Toussaint Morrison was hired by a Minneapolis Public High School to teach a 3-month long slam poetry workshop, and to deliver a slam poem in each English class to stir up interest amongst the students. When the principal received word that Morrison had performed a spoken word piece about Minneapolis Public School’s national leading racial disparity, the experience of losing a classmate before graduation, and white privilege- well, Mr. Morrison was dismissed from his duties as a slam poetry workshop artist that day. Soon after, Morrison called upon his memories of past friends lost to gun violence, police brutality, and the hegemony experienced as a black male in classrooms constructed for white success, and wrote Last Day of School.

Getting by with a little harmony from his friends, Jimmy & The Threats, Toussaint Morrison delivers an anthemic blast to the solar plexus with a moving visual of the final single from his debut album Lesser Restoration. Teaming with director Danny Chamberlain, dance choreographer Jeremiah Lewis-Walker, and upcoming film talent Denari Jones, Morrison pieces together a music video narrative to the fill line of symbolism and vitriol.

Produced by Dr. Wylie, Toussaint Morrison, Jimmy & The Threats

Mixed by Dr. Wylie

Vocals by Toussaint Morrison, Andrew Berkowitz

Lyrics by Toussaint Morrison

Mastered by Bruce Templeton