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Makin’ Mistakes & Feelin’ Great

Band : Toussaint Morrison
Title : Makin' Mistakes & Feelin' Great
Release Date : October 11, 2011

Within a few clicks and one week, Twin Cities’ producer Dr. Wylie and national touring vocalist Toussaint Morrison, had officially met over 500+ downloads of their collaborated mixtape “Toussaint Morrison Is Not My Homeboy”. Seeking to reach the clout of past collaborations such as Castro & Mandela, Marvel vs. Capcom, and the Mega-Powers (ref: Hulk Hogan & Macho Man…R.I.P), the local duo is back at it again with a disc-full of free music to be unleashed Monday August 8th, more formally known as “Makin Mistakes & Feelin‘ Great”.

This debuting CD holds features from local attention-mongers such as Natalie Fine Shapiro of More Than Lights, Jus Rhyme from VH1’s White Rapper Show (don’t worry, he’s from Austin, MN), K.Raydio, Homeless Ryan K, Mayda, and Lucy Michelle. Oh, and dare we forget a very uber-special feature from Ms. Wylie’s 2010-11 5th Grade Class, courtesy of Dr. Wylie’s mother.

Aside from contributing artists, “Makin’ Mistakes & Feelin’ Great” carries as one of Morrison’s more arching lyrical pieces, venerating vulnerability and unfolding the work day taking care of children with special needs (the day job until this whole music thing can support Morrison’s appetite for coffee, sushi, & gasoline).

The mixtape also paves more elbow room for Wylie’s spirited production. You’ll find entire sections designating space for the evil-genius sound stealer in “Freedom Cobra” with help from int’l rockstar, Mayda. Wylie also shines on the very explicitly titled “F*ck School”, featuring Los Angeles social justice activist and scholar Jus Rhyme.

Nab the mixtape now while Toussaint & Dr. Wylie are still out of incarceration, and keep up to date by checking for current whereabouts, special merch purchases, and super moves.

Album artwork by The Paper Prophet,