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Band : Toussaint Morrison
Title : Minnesota
Release Date : September 27, 2016

More commonly known as a hip-hop artist and soul singer, Toussaint Morrison is releasing his first single that will be more commonly as “that track with the banjo homeboy only sang on”. Alas, Mr. Morrison would have it no other way and is pushing not only the title of the song, but the culture of his home-state, Minnesota, as a relationship beyond dangerously sordid.

“Minnesota” is a song addressing the 1920 Duluth Lynchings., the largest mass-execution in US-history (Mankato, MN), the recent murder of black men (Jamar Clark, Philando Castile, Terrance Franklin, etc.) in Minnesota, and more directly- Morrison speaking to being not-white in a volatile state of racial disparity.

Hinging on his debut album “Lesser Restoration” as a solo artist, Minnesota features the multi-faceted talent of Minnesota-local musician Rick Widen on banjo, and Morrison’s phantom menace producer, Dr. Wylie, adding a touch of production.